“Hump Day” every day at the fair

Cindy Hull
Staff Writer

With a new attraction at the Hickory American Legion fair this year, you can learn about the rare Dromedary (one hump) camel. This is a one-of-a-kind entertaining and educational experience featuring seven camels from the Camel Kingdom, based out of the Tampa Florida area.

Ryan Henning is one of the specialists at Camel Kingdom and will be showcasing the rare & unique breeds of dromedary camels. He says that there are less than 1000 of these blue-eyed, spotted beauties in existence.

Camel Kingdom provides the exquisite blue-eyed spotted (paint) camels and majestic snow white camels for all different kinds of events throughout the year. Camel Kingdom has a total of 18 camels.

The animal care team is made up of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced animal care experts from around the world that dedicate their lives to providing our animal family members with the absolute highest standards of care 24-7. Therefore, all our animals are living longer, healthier, happier & safer lives.

Henning explains that the camels are a small breed and still very young. “They live to be about 40-years-old in captivity, reaching maturity around 8 or 10 years of age”, Henning added.

Henning enjoys educating people about this unique creature and talking about the care of them. During the show, he will also tell about some of the myths, such as does a camel spit? Camel Kindom takes great pride in the care they provide to all of their animal family members and the relationship they share with them. It’s a relationship based off of mutual trust, respect, and understanding.

Henning said, “Each camel was bottle-fed, they’ve been around people their entire life”. They are provided with the best food and veterinary care. They’re living longer, happier, healthier and safer lives,” Henning explained. “They are so affectionate, curious and friendly” Henning added. The show will last about 15 - 20 minutes and you will leave knowing more about these beauties.

The presentation is Courtesy of America’s Show Camels