“Not” is not an option

Catawba County residents can no longer can say “no” to bettering their lives and education. The Champions of Education organization is making sure people can’t say no by working with Future Workforce Alliance and the “Get NOT Out of Your Life” campaign. The campaign has a long life ahead with the program just starting to take hold, but with 15 counties all working together the better education, change is coming.

“More than ever education is the dividing factor for people getting a job or not,” said Champions of Education Director Lamar Mitchell. “Low skills jobs have moved out of the area, and now, jobs left in the area require more school.”

With a gap in the educational pipeline, that’s where Future Workforce Alliance and the “Get NOT Out of Your Life” campaign come into play. The age group that GNO wants to work with are 25-44-year-olds in the community who may have not been able to finish high school or have the opportunity to seek higher education.

“Those without education will continue to be hampered by unemployment,” Mitchell said. “Those who continue education will be community heroes as they gain jobs and fill positions that could have possibly stayed empty.”

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