2 Pink Magnolias celebrates 10 years, unveils new logo

Staff Writer

One of Newton’s oldest stores is celebrating a decade of service. 2 Pink Magnolias invites everyone to come see their new logo, have some cake and punch, purchase unique items, and register to win prizes.

Opening before Valentine’s Day of February 2010, 2 Pink Magnolias was a collaboration between mother-daughter team Becky and Jennifer Stiver.

The pair first started out managing four booths at The Shops on Main in Conover.

Their next move was to the former Smithey’s department store building in downtown Newton. The move came four years after the former department store’s building was set for demolition.

“We wanted to bring uptown to downtown,” Becky joked. “We were different from anything that’s been around Newton.”

The store flourished so much, that the pair were able to make another move in November of 2014.

Now located at 211 North College Avenue, the Stivers continue to stand out among other area stores.

What makes the store different is its selection of gifts for all occasions.

According to Becky, the store also paired modern shopping with “small town charm.”

The team of two thought the name, 2 Pink Magnolias, was perfect for their store.

“Well, there’s two of us (our mother-daughter team), we chose pink because that’s just about as girly as it gets, and Magnolia is about as Southern as it gets,” Jennifer said.

“Mom and I met a dog in Camden, South Carolina. Her name was Lily Mae Magnolia.”

Now, years later, 2 Pink Magnolias has their own Lily Mae Magnolia.

“Now we have a shop dog named Lily Mae Magnolia,” Jennifer said. “She’s a Shih Tzu -Bichon.”

Along with the shop dog and mother-daughter team, the store is run by five other part-time workers who are committed to customer service.

“One reason our customers like us is because we know how to buy,” Becky said. “We have a good eye for what customers want.”

Jennifer agreed. She said she’s spent nearly 30 years in retail, first starting off at the Limited Too. Becky had experience working in a hospital gift shop and teaching school for 30 years.

“Why we’ve lasted so long is because we built slowly,” Becky said.

Jennifer said the two had a secret sauce of two different strengths and generations.

“We combined an MBA with a teacher’s background,” she said. “We share excitement of bringing in new products and pleasing the public.”

Jennifer said that along with their staple items like Hallmark cards, Vera Bradley purses, and Spartina items, they include trendy inventory of the time, like their collection of Bill’s Watches.

“We try and stay ahead of the trends,” Jennifer said. “We’re constantly evaluating our customer base.”

As for the future, the pair hope to open an online store. Until then, they just want to help Newton grow.

“We want to remain competitive and relevant,” Jennifer said.  “We see organic growth in downtown Newton.”