Catawba County Schools Superintendent addresses racist videos

Special To The ONE
Staff Writer

Dear Students, Parents, and Community Members,

I have received multiple reports from parents and community members that certain students enrolled in Catawba County Schools have posted on social media very disturbing, inappropriate, insensitive, and racist videos. I am both saddened and disappointed by this type of behavior. I want to make it absolutely clear that Catawba County Schools does not, and will not, tolerate our students engaging in hateful speech and racist behavior on our school campuses and at school events.

Technology has made it possible for people to interact and communicate with lightning speed, which can be helpful when this interaction is kind and respectful. However, hateful speech/actions and racism are horrible and harmful, no matter the perspective. It is harmful to the person(s) at which it is aimed, harmful to those who witness it, and harmful to our communities as a whole because it impedes having empathy for and communication with others. Furthermore, it is especially troubling among children who may lack the social and emotional maturity to understand how to cope with it, process it, and understand its impact on others.

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