Church doors are locked but faith stands strong

Cindy Hull
Staff Writer

The congregation of the Community Church of Conver knew that the doors were locked after the August 4th service, but it didn’t stop them from going to worship on Sunday morning. If anything, their faith has grown stronger. Todd Harkins said, “We are going non-electric as Jesus Christ did it a long time ago”.

Aproxmantly 40 church members gathered on the church steps for their worship service Sunday morning not knowing what to expect. Bruce Hedrick, a Nashville recording artist, joined for the morning service with his family to show support and provided music for the group.

As the service began, Pastor Steve opened by saying, “ For 30 years, I’ve been in prison ministry, I’ve spoken to the folks that were locked inside the building, but today, it’s the first time I’ve been locked outside the building”. He continued the service as he always has, only outside on the steps.

As I stayed and watched the service, I thought to myself how strong the members of this church have been. As they battle to get back the church that they have worshiped in and called home for over 20 years, the faith is strong, and they stand together. Working as a group, and for what they believe in, they were able to have a meaningful service and will continue to do so, no matter where they have to congagate.

Carol Simmons was able to hold children’s church, as they do every Sunday, in an RV that was provided by one of the church members. It also gave a place to get shelter if needed, and use of a restroom. The members thought of everything. Snacks and drinks were available for anyone who wanted them.

Harkins said, “It is an awesome feeling to have everyone here this morning as a congregation. This is a very important day for us. The reason it is is that was as a congregation knows, that no matter what, we are going to stay together, and that’s the most important thing. We understand it’s really not the building, and there are plenty of places we can worship, but we have worshiped here for over 20 years and today we didn’t stop. We are going to keep fighting for what is right and we are going to give it to God.”

Patty Cook has been a long-time member of the church. She was part of the team that broke ground when it started. She got married in the church 10 years ago and was celebrating her wedding anniversary on Sunday.

The church is asking the public to bring a chair or a blanket and come out on Sunday at 10:00 am to show your support. The church is located at 502 Thornburg Drive NE Conover.