City of Newton plans electric service interruption for upgrade

Cindy Hull
Staff Writer

Electric service to City of Newton customers will be interrupted from 10:00 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 29, until 6:00 a.m. Monday, Sept. 30. During that time, most City of Newton electric customers in our area will not have power. The city’s electric delivery station on N.C. Highway 10 near the Heritage Trail Greenway trailhead will be getting an upgrade.

As pictured in the aerial view photo, the section of the substation closest to the road is the City of Newton's substation equipment and the back section is Duke Energy equipment. When the electricity reaches the substation from the high voltage lines, it goes through all of the transformers and equipment so that the city can use it in a distribution system.

Newton Public Works and Utilities Director, Dusty Wentz said the Duke Energy transformer receives approximately 150,000-watts of current from the lines, and are over 60 years old. It is currently on a three-phase power system and each phase has a separate transformer. No one makes the single transformers anymore.

Duke Energy will be replacing the old equipment with a new single three-phase transformer. A temporary transformer will come in on a trailer. Then Duke Energy will do all the wiring to the substation that they can while the power is still on. Once the power is shut off, Duke will start wiring to the temporary transformer.

While the power is off, the City of Newton public works and utilities will be working on the maintenance of its substation. There is a pole that will be replaced, several pieces of equipment that will need to be replaced, as well as birds nest and snakes that will need to be removed. The City of Newton and Duke Energy will be working during the night to get all the equipment changed over, replaced and cleaned so that the power is only off the one night instead of two.

If you are on the inside of the bold black line of the picture and have City of Newton power service, your power will be out the night of September 29. If you have Duke Energy power service, your power will remain on.

The City of Newton is working to inform everyone in the area of the planned outage. If you know of anyone with health issues and especially people using oxygen, make sure they are aware and have a backup plan. Newton police department is going around speaking to everyone on the medical alert list to make sure they are prepared.

In approximately three months the power will need to be turned off again for about two hours to make the change over to the permanent equipment.

The City of Newton apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this interruption creates. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Alex Frick at or 828-695-4266.