Conover City Park adds adult exercise equipment

Lindsay Robins
Staff Writer

The benefits of exercising outdoors range from improved mood to reduced blood pressure. With Conover City Park’s addition of adult exercise equipment, the benefits now include a background chorus of frogs living in the park’s wetland feature, views of Conover Station and Norman B. Coley Amphitheater, and train watching as Norfolk Southern rolls through the city.

The exercise equipment, from Greenfield Outdoor Fitness, is designed for use in any climate, provides low impact workouts accessible to seniors and people using wheelchairs, and requires no scheduled maintenance. The equipment features a four-person leg press, a two-person cross country ski, a two-person accessible vertical press, and a four-person pendulum, abs, and dips station. There are seven pieces of equipment, capable of handling eighteen people, offering a full workout. While the equipment has a minimum use age of fourteen, playground equipment for children is located within yards of the workout area.

“Our goal is to have a high quality of life here,'' shared Planning Director, Alan Glines. “When folks are considering where they’re going live and raise a family, we want them to think about Conover. We can offer a lot here and this is a small part of that, a small town with a high quality of life.”

The exercise equipment was installed as part of a grant received from the Park and Recreation Trust Fund through the state. Other recent installations in City Park include the amphitheater, a walking trail, and benches. Pickleball courts are nearing completion and will be available for use at the end of September. The courts are located next to the amphitheater.

“When we started designing this park, people would come to us with the pickleball idea,” explained Conover City Manager, Donald Duncan. “We saw the space we could do it in and realized it would be a nice amenity for the limited amount of space. We learned that pickleball was the fastest growing sport in the country and even Rock Barn has an annual pickleball tournament. Ever since we announced the courts were coming, it has been one phone call after another asking when they were going to be ready.”

While grants and funding are necessary, the amenities available in City Park are a testament to the collaboration of city workers. The efforts of the Grounds Maintenance, Water, Public Works, and Planning departments have been the backbone of these installations.

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