Conover holds drop-in meeting on streetscape project

Staff Writer

Conover city planners meet with local business owners to answer more questions about the Downtown Streetscape project. Bowman Drugs, located at 126 1st Avenue, South Conover was the location for an impromptu informational drop-in meeting.
Citizens and local business owners were invited to “drop-in” and speak with city staff about the ongoing streetscape construction project in the city of Conover and to answer their questions and alleviate some of their growing concerns. City staff patiently listened and addressed each of their concerns.
One main concern was the elimination of parking spaces for the project. According to the city’s plans, a total of six parking spaces will be eliminated and replaced with trees, plants, and other decor that will enrich the beauty of one of Conover’s main strips.
The city planners are hoping that the slowing down of the pace of those driving through the city’s main strip, lining it with both natural and artistic beauty that the Downtown Streetscape project has designed, will invoke the passersby to stop, walk around and even visit the local shops and businesses. This vision is, however, being received with mixed reviews.

“The landscape will be beautiful when the project is completed” said Debbie Richy of Sentimental Journey Antiques. “But as far as increased traffic to the downtown area, I just don’t see it happening.”

Other business owners seemed a bit more optimistic. Some even using social media to generate support for this project that is scheduled to be completed by early fall.

The work has begun. Will this project deliver as promised? Only time will tell.” We have spent months planning and calculating” said Lance Hight, Planning Director. “In the end, the results will speak for themselves.