Conover resident dog video goes viral with over two million views

Kate Wimberly
Staff Writer

A dog named River, along with his owner, Taylor St. Arnold, has taken the internet by storm following posting a video responding to a trend on TikTok. The trend asked, “if you fake passing out, how would your dogs react?”. The video shows River’s adorable reaction. Evidently, others shared the same response to the video as its number of views and likes continue to climb.

“It was mom’s idea. We had no idea how popular it would become. When I went to sleep that night I had one like, and it was my mom. Then, when I woke up there were 80 likes, then 1,000 by lunch. There was a page on Instagram that had asked if they could post it, and it took off from there. It was so weird,” shared Taylor St. Arnold.

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