Corriher Implements Co. moving from Catawba County, drug investigation pending

Cigi Sparks
Staff Writer

Corriher Implement Company, located in Downtown Newton at the intersection of North Ashe Avenue and West A Street, will be moving out of Catawba County, according to owner Ted Corriher.

Corriher had a search warrant executed against him by the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office within the last two weeks, according to legal documentation. The search warrant was issued on June 2.

The search warrant was executed against Corriher following an investigation conducted by the sheriff’s office.

The search warrant that was issued against Corriher stated that officers had probable cause to believe that “the premise to be searched is being used to possess or possibly sell controlled substances, specifically marijuana, in violation of the N.C. Controlled Substance Acts.”

According to the warrant, investigators with the sheriff’s office received an anonymous complaint about the “illegal use, storage, transportation of marijuana” at 1860 Shook Road in Newton. The anonymous source complained to officers that Corriher, along with the home’s other resident, frequently smokes and stores marijuana at the residence, according to the warrant.

The other home’s resident is Corriher’s son, Charles Corriher, according to reports.

“The source had intimate knowledge of where the marijuana is kept. The source said that they had personally been to the residence and saw what they believed to be several pounds of marijuana kept in the freezer and smaller amounts, along with paraphernalia, stored in the top-drawer of a dresser in the master bedroom,” according to the warrant.

The warrant also states that the source told officers that the two residents have both made numerous trips to Jamaica to purchase marijuana and both have been charged with marijuana related crimes in the past. Investigators checked with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and verified that both subjects have made two weekend trips to Jamaica within the last six months. Also, according to the search warrant, investigators checked N.C. Court Records and found that both had been charged with drug offenses in the past.

On June 1, officers conducted a trash pull at Corriher’s residence, finding four empty cigar wrapper packs, two empty packs of rolling papers and a small piece of marijuana in the trashcan that had been placed out by the curb for pickup, according to the warrant.

Corriher plans to sell all of his properties within Catawba County, due to being upset with the sheriff’s office and their investigation.

Corriher Implement, also known as Everything Attachments, began in Newton in 1946 and has been located here since, according to the company’s website. The company is projected to gross approximately $14 million this year, Corriher said.

According to Corriher, he owns a total of three homes, three businesses and nine “lots” within Catawba County, which includes Corriher Implement. Last year, Corriher paid county taxes on nine parcels, according to the Catawba County Tax Bill Search.

Currently, Corriher has not been charged with anything by the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office. The investigation into Corriher’s alleged crimes is ongoing.

“I left to go to Jamaica the next morning (following the execution of the search warrant) so they couldn’t get to me,” Corriher said. “‘Cause they didn’t charge me with anything.”

Corriher stated that during the execution of the search warrant, officers found a small amount of marijuana, between $21 and $23 of U.S. Currency and a pack of rolling papers. This information has not been verified by the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office. Due to the fact that the investigation involving Corriher is ongoing, officers could not comment on the case.

“They didn’t charge me with anything because there wasn’t enough to charge me with,” Corriher said. “My family has had a good reputation here. Mine's been a little, eh, ya know, whatever – I smoke a little weed. Everybody at church knows I smoke weed, I was on the church council for four years and I donate a lot of money to this community and a lot of things – including churches. I mean, I give away 50, 60 thousand dollars a year. This county collects about 80 thousand a year in property tax on me – they’re not anymore.

“I used to be on probation for pot,” Corriher said. “I grew marijuana in 1991 in Caldwell County and got caught for it. I never sold any in my life, really only grew it to smoke it, but because I was me, I did four months in prison over it.”

Corriher plans to move his business, Corriher Implements, to a site in Lenoir. Currently the company employees 50 people, however, Corriher plans to have about 100 in a year’s time.

Corriher also stated that the sheriff’s office did approximately $40,000 worth in damage to his home, vehicles and outbuildings during the search. He stated that he was “pissed” with the situation and investigation between himself and the sheriff’s office.

No more information on the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office’s investigation into Corriher and his alleged crimes was available as of deadline.

More information in regards to Corriher’s pending case with the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office will be published in the O-N-E as details become available.