Corriher turns himself in, arrested on multiple drug charges

Cigi Sparks
Staff Writer

Ted Corriher, owner of Corriher Implements Company in downtown Newton, turned himself in to the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office yesterday morning, according to officials.

The sheriff’s office had filed a warrant for Corriher’s arrest. Corriher turned himself in to the magistrate’s office at 10:51 a.m. on Tuesday.

The warrant stems from an investigation that was being conducted by the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office. A search warrant was filed by law enforcement against Corriher on June 2. The search warrant was executed within the last two weeks, enabling law enforcement to search Corriher’s dwelling, vehicles and outbuildings.

Corriher posted signage on his Newton Business – Corriher Implements, also known as Everything Attachments – late last week that read “For sale or lease – taking 50 jobs somewhere else.” When asked why Corriher planned to move his business, he disclosed that he was dissatisfied with having a search warrant executed against him and unhappy with an investigation being conducted against him.

He stated that he was “pissed” with the situation and investigation between himself and the sheriff’s office, in a previous interview with the O-N-E.

Corriher plans to sell all of his properties within Catawba County, due to being upset with the sheriff’s office and their investigation. According to Corriher, he owns a total of three homes, three businesses and nine “lots” within Catawba County, which includes Corriher Implement.

“This county collects about 80 thousand a year in property tax on me – they’re not anymore,” Corriher said in a previous interview to the O-N-E.

Corriher also stated, in a previous interview to the O-N-E, that during the execution of the search warrant, officers found a “small amount of marijuana,” between $21 and $23 of U.S. Currency and a pack of rolling papers.

During the search, officers with the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office found exactly 200 grams of marijuana and multiple bongs, pipes and rolling papers, according to Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid. Anything equal to or more than 42.5 grams of marijuana is considered a felony in the state of North Carolina.

Corriher was taken into custody and charged with felony possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling or place for the purpose of a controlled substance.

Corriher was placed in the Catawba County Detention Center under a $5,000 bond. His first court appearance, in district court, was scheduled for this morning at 9 a.m.