Dana’s Fine Jewelry dedicates their 24th year to charitable giving

Kate Wimberly
Staff Writer

Beginning Saturday, February 1st, Dana’s Fine Jewelry will feature a community organization each month, leading up to their 25th year next February. The first organization to be featured is The Corner Table of Newton. Dana’s Fine Jewelry will donate a percentage of sales to the organizations during the month, as well as spread awareness about the organization, what it offers to the community, and collect items to be donated.

“I think it is very important to give back to our community,” shared Dana Ramseur, owner.

In celebration of their opening on February 6, 1996, there will be a special event on Thursday, February 6th from 10am-6pm, when individuals may stop by and see new merchandise, participate in a raffle for door prizes, make wish lists for gifts for themselves, friends or family, and enjoy the sweet treats that will be provided.

Dana’s Fine Jewelry was built on the legacy of experience, dedication, and love for the town of Newton. The story goes back to the jewelry store owned by her grandparents, located in the very same building, Gregory Jewelers. Dana Ramseur discussed how she grew up in that store. When she was in high school, her grandparents had to sell it. Dana took her love for jewelry instilled by her grandparents and became a sales rep after high school, and eventually moved on to jewelry manufacturing. At 24 years old, her mother called her and told her the beloved building that once housed her grandparents’ store, became available. Dana then moved back and Dana’s Fine Jewelry was born.

“Those experiences really helped me--knowing the back-room type of stuff in order to sell jewelry. I grew up in that store, so Newton means a lot to me,” shared Dana Ramseur.

Over the years, they have renovated the building and added more room to the showroom. They have added a laser engraver, giving them the ability to provide many services onsite, such as fingerprinting, sentimental handwriting, voice waves, and EKG’s.

“I’m big on sentimental jewelry, because it is something that lasts and can be passed down in the family. The oldest ring I’ve seen was over 120 years old, and was passed down in the family and well taken care of. You might spend a couple thousand dollars, but they last decades and sometimes hundreds of years if they are well taken care of. Cars rust, houses fall apart, but jewelry lasts, and family can pass them down as heirlooms. I love doing custom designs. We can take heirlooms that may not be someone’s style, but we can recreate it to where they can wear it and enjoy it everyday, and it is still that special heirloom piece,” shared Dana.

Dana Ramseur also shared that they welcome unique ideas from their customers and will do their best to accommodate.

“If it means something to the customer and we can do it, we will. We try to get the story behind the piece. It’s a big deal to take care of what you have, and instead of buying new pieces, recreate old jewelry that may not be in style, but you love or may be sentimental. Other places might say, ‘it may not be worth fixing,’ but if it means something to the customer, we will try our best to fix it because worth is a lot more than money value. I stress that to my employees,” stated Dana.

Dana Ramseur encourages the community to take advantage of their free jewelry cleaning and maintenance services. It is recommended that jewelry be cleaned and maintained every 6 months, if the item is worn everyday, to not only see the best presentation out of your jewelry, but to ensure prongs do not become loose, risking the gem or diamond falling out of the setting, for example.

For more information about the services provided by Dana’s Fine Jewelry or to learn more about how to get involved in their charitable giving, visit their facebook page, or contact Dana Ramseur at (828) 312-9297 or the business number, (828) 466-1999, or stop by their store at 108 N. Main Avenue in Newton.