Election Results

Staff Writer

Newton Mayor Anne Stedman has won re-election for her position.
Jerry Hodge, Jody Dixon and Tom Rowe won the three seats up for Newton's City Council.
In Conover, Kyle Hayman, Don Beal and Bruce Eckard will all remain on city council.
The will be no change with Conover City Council and Bruce Eckard, Kyle Hyman and Don Beal all winning re-election.
Byran A. Wright and Sue Noblitt won seats from the Town of Brookford.
In the Town of Catawba, Donald Robinson will be the new mayor, with Donnie Allen and Colleen Anderson joining the council.
The City of Claremont will see a new council with Lee Miller, M. Dale Sherrill and David B. Morrow all winning the election.
For Maiden, Bob Smyre will remain mayor after running unopposed. Ronnie Williams, Max Bumgarner, Jr. and Trina Michael will represent the council.
For the Newton-Conover School Board, Jeanne C. Jarrett and Mark W. Pennell will represent the Conover district while Jim Stockner won re-election for the Newton district.