Flu shots available at Catawba County Public Health

Special To The ONE
Staff Writer

HICKORY– Each year, seasonal influenza is an illness that can cause serious health complications, including death. This year, though, the flu season will look a little different, as we will also have COVID-19 circulating. For many people, symptoms of both illnesses are similar and one could be mistaken for the other, or people could have both at the same time.

As in previous years, the best defense against the flu is vaccination, which is why Catawba County Public Health encourages individuals to visit their medical provider for a flu shot before flu season arrives in full force. This year, it is especially important to get the flu shot, as people who receive the shot are less likely to come down with the flu and those who do happen to are less likely to experience serious complications that may require hospitalization. This helps the medical system avoid becoming overwhelmed with both COVID-19 and flu cases at the same time.

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