Foothills Antique Power Association of NC

Cindy Hull
Staff Writer

Saturday, the Foothills Antique Power Association held their 16th Annual show at the Hickory American Legion Fairgrounds. The Foothills Antique Power Association of North Carolina is a non-profit organization dedicated to Preserving the Past for the Future. They do so through the collection, restoration, and demonstration of antique farm machinery, as well as autos, trucks, motorcycles, chainsaws, and more.

Each year the event grows larger than the year before. The organization began 16 years ago when Wilson Sigmon, and a few others had an interest in starting a group. Sigmon heard about a group around Claremont with the same interest. After speaking to each other, they put together a proposed Tractor & Engine Pull to see if there was any interest in the community.

Sigmon said “within 30 days, we had approximately 40 to sign up for the event”. Since there was interest, a meeting was called. On the first meeting, the organization was named and officers were elected. Over the 16 years, it has grown to 350 members today. Sigmon said “I was told that it’s one of the fastest growing organizations in Catawba County”.

Harold Reinhardt has been a member for over 7 years. He has taken on the responsibly of taking care of the General Store. The general store has many items that has been donated or on loan from years past. Each year there is something added. Reinhardt enjoys taking care of the General Store and sharing his knowledge on how the items were used. Reinhardt says, “we start each meeting with prayer and the pledge of allegiance and end with prayer”. Sigmon said, “it is a faith based organization.

The first building that the organization built at the Fairgrounds was the Heritage Village in 2010. Since then there has been several other additions added to the property. This year there was an outhouse that had been donated by a club member, who’s dad used it at his saw mill. It has a concrete base so that it could be moved from one saw mill to another. It was restored last month.

When ask what his favorite thing was about the Foothills Antique Power Association, Sigmon responded, “I like it all, there is no favorite part”.