GALLERY: Maiden at Bandys varsity basketball (Friday, January 24)

 Lady Trojans’ sophomore forward Logan Dutka (43) fighting for the board against Maiden on Friday night.Lady Blue Devils' junior Morgan Bohemier (22) attempted to pull the ball away from Bandys' Laci Paul (15).Lady Trojans’ sophomore Macy Rummage (10) looking for the dribble drive on Friday, January 24.Lady Trojans' varsity girls' head coach Nicki SigmonLady Trojans' sophomore Macy Rummage (10) with clear path to the hoop on Friday.Lady Trojans' center Olivia Little (54) swarmed by Maiden's Nadia Glover (30) on Friday night.Lady Blue Devils' Keegan Rice (10) boxes out Lady Trojans' Toni Laney (21).Lady Trojans' center Olivia Little (54) tries to box out Maiden's Lainee Hentschel (20).Lady Blue Devils' guard Lainee Hentschel (20)Lady Blue Devils' senior forward Maggie Sigmon (24) led her team in rebounds with nine.Lady Trojans' forward Laci Paul (15)Lady Trojans' senior Toni Laney (21) tries to keep the ball away from Maiden's Cree Bass (32).Lady Blue Devils' senior Cree Bass (32) led her team with 13 points in Friday's road loss.Lady Blue Devils' varsity girls' head coach Frank SniderLady Trojans' senior Toni Laney (21) going after the ball against Maiden's Maggie Sigmon (24) on Friday.Trojans’ Parker Styborski (24) earned eight points in the home win.  Bandys’ Spencer Ledford (14) battling for the ball with Maiden’s Dylan Abernethy (5) in Bost-Matheson Gym on Friday night.Trojans' senior guard Quenten Maddox (23) attempts the runner on Friday.Bandys' freshman forward Chris Culliver (31)Trojans' freshman Chris Culliver (31) bombarded by Maiden's Reilley Copleand (22) and Dru McClough (32).Bandys varsity boys' head coach Matt OaksBlue Devils' junior guard Micah Haynes (2)Maiden varsity boys' head coach Justin BrittainMaiden sophomore Dru McClough (32) scored a game-high 17 points in the loss to rival Bandys on Friday, January 24.Maiden's Brennan James (1), Bandys' Quenten Maddox (23) and Maiden's Reilley Copeland (22)

Photos by Michelle Thompson