Giving Tuesday provides funding for local non-profit animal rescue

Lindsay Robins
Staff Writer

This year’s Giving Tuesday falls on December 3rd and one local non-profit is hoping the movement will help them continue providing homes and medical treatment for dogs in need. 

Giving Tuesday, held annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a “global generosity movement that unleashes the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and their world”. In a celebration of generosity, Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 to encourage people to give back to their community. This celebration has grown exponentially over the past seven years and has become a social-media driven campaign for many non-profits and community organizations. 2018 saw over 400 million dollars raised online, with an average gift coming in at 105 dollars per person donating. Social media giant, Facebook, promoted the event and made matching donations to participating organizations. 

Non-profits and community organizations across the world launch their own campaigns, usually starting the week of Thanksgiving, to reach people in the giving spirit. Hartman’s Haven Dog Rescue (HHDR) of Conover is one of those organizations. HHDR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-run, donation-supported rescue for unwanted and homeless dogs in Catawba County and the surrounding areas. HHDR operates solely through a network of foster homes that foster dogs through medical treatment and decompression periods until they are ready for adoption. HHDR is also involved in animal advocacy and promoting the rescue of animals. 

“We pulled Louella in October from Burke County Animal Services because she was emaciated and tested positive for parvo”, shared Brittany Scruggs, Assistant Director of HHDR. “She was hospitalized for seventeen days. She wasn’t responding to treatments so she was sent home with her foster [home] to be made comfortable with love and around-the-clock care. She was hospitalized one more time before she started to come around. She has finally gained weight and was healthy enough to receive her first vaccines. We almost lost her on several occasions but with the love and care she received from her foster home, she has made a full recovery and is now available for adoption. The donations we receive allow us to provide a chance for dogs like Louella to thrive and find their forever homes.” 

Hartman’s Haven Dog Rescue holds regular fundraisers throughout the year to provide medical treatments and preventative needs for the dogs in their care. They also provide food and other necessities for foster homes. Regular fundraisers include online raffles and auctions, working the concession stands for Hickory Crawdads games, and their annual yard sale and Santa Paws events. These fundraisers are made possible through the hard work of dedicated volunteers. Giving Tuesday affords them the opportunity to raise operational funds through social media while also giving their volunteers a break. 

“Saving dogs like Louella is possible because of our dedicated volunteers that do fundraisers throughout the year,” Scruggs added. “Giving Tuesday is no different. We already have multiple volunteers that have started Giving Tuesday fundraisers for the rescue to help support our mission that we are all so passionate about. This type of fundraising campaign lets us continue to raise funds without having all the work of planning an event.”

Giving Tuesday is only a twenty-four hour event but HHDR volunteers will keep their campaigns open a few days longer to allow people more time to make donations. 
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