Helping local high school students bring art to reality

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Dana’s Fine Jewelry is giving back to local high schools in a unique way. For years Dana Ramseur had an idea to help local students realize their potential.
“It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for years,” she said.

Ramseur decided to have an artistic competition to do so, asking art students from Newton-Conover City Schools and Catawba County Schools to design jewelry.

“I wanted to see what talent was out there,” she said. “I wanted to show the students what their drawings could become.”

40 different students participated in the jewelry design by submitting sketches to Dana’s Fine Jewelry.

Ramseur posted all the drawings on her store’s Facebook page and had her followers vote.

In the end, Christopher Cervantes, senior at Fred T. Foard, and Kaylee Peterson, sophomore at Bunker Hill, were declared the winners.

Cervantes designed a sterling silver necklace with Blue Topaz stones and Peterson created a white gold pendant made with Blue Topaz, Sapphires, and Diamonds.

Both students will receive scholarships in the amounts of $75 and $250 for their winning designs.

Dana’s is also selling tickets to help the art departments with their funding.

Ramseur’s future dreams are to make the competition bigger and better.

She would like to get volunteers, including retirees, to help her organize and host an evening to showcase future high school designers.

Ramseur wants to host a dinner and auction at a local country club.

“I’d like to include the high schools and community as much as possible,” she said. “It would be nice to bring in high school muscians and also let the art department to showcase their artwork.”

During the evening, Ramseur wants to unveil the future winners.

“It would be a fun evening to help the local high schools,” she said.

But until she has more time to plan, Ramseur just wants to continue raising money from ticket sales. Right now through the end of the school year, tickets for each piece are on sale through Dana’s Fine Jewelry. So far, she’s taken in $285 from ticket sales.

“I’m hoping to raise as much money as possible for the schools,” Ramseur said.

Tickets are $5 for the sterling silver necklace or three tickets for $10 and tickets are $10 for the 14 K white gold pendant or six tickets for $50.

All proceeds from the ticket sales go towards the art departments of each high school that participated.

For more information, contact Dana’s Fine Jewelry on Facebook, or visit

Dana’s is located at 108 North Main Avenue, Newton, NC