The Landmark 1896: Where New York meets North Carolina

Staff Writer

The Town of Catawba just acquired a new business. Gilda Caputo- Hansen, from Long Island, New York, opened The Landmark 1896, an event venue.

Located in the historic Sherrill’s Tobacco Company building, the venue is 4,500 square feet of space optimal for many different occasions.

It will host weddings, receptions, reunions, parties of all types, showers, meetings, teas, and many other events. At capacity, the venue can accommodate around 200 guests if the dance floor isn’t used.

Caputo-Hansen said she will maximize the space for any event and make it the best it can be.

After sitting empty for a decade, she wants to bring life back into the town through the building.

“Catawba is a great little town,” Caputo-Hansen said.

She discovered the building while doing some marketing work for a firm in Conover who was looking for space.

“I saw the potential here,” Caputo-Hansen said. “This is my dream.”

Coming from a background of marketing, healthcare, and event planning, she thought that opening the business would bring joy to her life.

Having 35 years of experience in planning all types of events, she thought what better way to bring together her love for cooking, meeting people, and decorating.

“What better way to combine everything I love,” Caputo-Hansen asked.

Now she has so many ideas.

Spending the majority of her time at The Landmark, Caputo-Hansen is always looking for more ways to improve and enjoys creating different themes.

“It’s like being able to play dress-up every day,” she said. “I can be creative.”

Since leasing the space, Caputo-Hansen has placed chandeliers, covered pillars, and added artwork.

“I want to give this place a different feel-- something that reflects me,” she said.

Caputo- Hansen knows it’s sometimes a difficult choice for people to select where they want to gather, but she believes The Landmark will win people over.

Caputo-Hansen said that she will make events special and affordable.

For weddings, she personally tailors everything to the couple, such as the theme and tables.

“I do everything for them,” she said. “I bring their dream to reality.”

Caputo-Hansen connects with other businesses to give the couple exactly what they want and that “no wedding is ever going to be the same.”

In between weddings and other booked events, Caputo-Hansen wants her business to be “used a lot.”

Daily, she invites locals to come sit and talk.

“I want to start bringing people out of their houses,” Caputo-Hansen said. “They can even come here just to chit-chat or have a cup of coffee.”

In fact, she’s already started building relationships in the short time she’s been here.

Caputo-Hansen enjoys inviting Catawba’s police and fire departments over for lunch.

“That’s a thankless job, and I just want to show them that they are appreciated,” she said. “They’re sweethearts, and if I can do something special and make their day, then why not.”

Caputo says that Catawba is her town now.

“I love being here,” she said. “I’m tired of the hustle and bustle up North.”

This year, Caputo-Hansen plans to host Italian pasta nights, a manners summer camp for middle-school students, and even a second chance prom.

Having a background in healthcare, she hopes to have monthly health events and invite doctors to speak on diseases of the month.

Next year, she’d like to host a health fair.

“Health is so important,” she said. “People could prevent so many things if they just knew what to do.”

Caputo-Hansen’s hope is to invest in the community and make it better.

“I just want everyone to have fun and get Catawba to have an amazing town spirit,” she said.

The Landmark 1896 is located at 100 South Main Street in Catawba.
For more information, visit or call 828-855-0890