Madison “Madi” Story: On to the next chapter

Staff Writer

Madi Story, 23, graduated from Bandys High School in 2014.  From there, she was awarded a full scholarship to play basketball for Appalachian State University. 

So, for four years, Story played basketball and was even the team captain for three.

She also played volleyball for two years and tennis for two years.

“Sports were a major transition from high school to college,” she said. 

Story talked about practicing 20 hours a week, attending study halls, and being gone almost every Wednesday through Sunday due to games.

“You miss a ton of school,” she said. 

Along with being away, she had individual workouts that lasted an hour a day, but it didn’t deter her from playing basketball.

“Once you get done with a really hard workout, it feels good,” she said. 

Story went through a rough time when she tore her left ACL on Halloween 2017 during an exhibition game.

“I tore like everything,” she laughed.

After having surgery on December 14 and lots of therapy, Story started playing contact basketball for the 2018 season. 

“Playing for ASU taught me time management and accountability,” she said.  “It also taught me leadership, motivation, and how to set the standard.”

Story learned about thinking of others first.

“You can’t ask people to do what you wouldn’t do,” she said.

Her effort placed her as the ninth all time in scoring at ASU and in the “1,000 Point Club.”

She’s thankful to have been on a full scholarship while playing a sport she loves.

After switching her major from accounting to exercise science, Story chose to major in communications disorders.

She’s now decided to pursue her masters so she can work with adults who’ve suffered from strokes, have Alzheimer’s, or brain injuries.

She will start the two year program at the end of summer. 

“I’m definitely ready for something new,” she shared. 

For now, Story is working as a lifeguard at the Newton Recreation Center.

“I’m glad I did it,” she said.  “I really enjoy it.”

After finishing her master’s degree, Story hopes to come back to Catawba County to work.