MINI-GALLERY: Bandys at East Lincoln varsity basketball (Friday, January 10)

Bandys’ senior guard Spencer Ledford (14) driving down the baseline in the road loss against East Lincoln on Friday, January 10. Ledford was the second-leading scorer with 9 points.Bandys’ senior guard Quenten Maddox collected five points in the blowout loss, 80-43, at East Lincoln High School on Friday, January 10.Trojans’ freshman forward Chris Culliver (31) taking it into the chest of the Mustangs’ defender in the loss on Friday night.Lady Trojans’ sophomore point guard Macy Rummage (10) charging to the ball along with East Lincoln’s Taliyah Thomas (30) in the road match-up on Friday, January 10. Lady Trojans’ sophomore power forward Logan Dutka (43) backing down her opponent in the post in the road loss, 52-36, on Friday, January 10.Lady Trojans' Toni Laney (21) earning the tie-up while East Lincoln's Brianna Tadlock (10) stands in the background.Bandys' freshman forward Chris Culliver (31)Lady Trojans' Laci Paul (15) showing her grit to go after the ball against two defenders.Lady Trojans' senior Toni Laney (21)Lady Trojans’ Caroline McIntosh (22) looks to make the bounce pass against East Lincoln on Friday, Janauary 10.Lady Trojans’ senior Toni Laney (21) draws the hard foul against the Lady Mustangs on Friday.Lady Trojans' Cailyn Huggins (23) going at the rim in heavy traffic.Lady Trojans' Olivia Little (54)

Photos by Michelle Thompson