NCHSAA Wrestling individual state updates

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NCHSAA Wrestling Results
Class 2A
120 Lbs. Championship Semifinals
Rylee Billings (West Wilkes, 47-0) won by fall over Ricky Reynolds (West Lincoln, 27-13) Fall 3:35
Ethan Oakley (Wheatmore, 50-0) won by decision over Spenser Harris (Newton-Conover, 52-6) Dec 4-2

152 Lbs. Championship Semifinals
AJ Wingate (Fred T. Foard, 44-5) won by decision over Jared Watson (West Stanly, 28-10) Dec 5-4
Quincy Monday (Carrboro, 37-1) won by tech fall over Canon Bridges (West Lincoln, 37-8) TF-1.5 2:28 (17-2)

170 Lbs. Championship Semifinals
Landon Foor (Fred T. Foard, 44-2) won by fall over Alberto Vargas-Perez (Lexington, 40-3) Fall 2:39
Tyler Boles (Wilkes Central, 26-6) won by decision over Joshua Nichols (Newton-Conover, 53-5) Dec 6-4

182 Lbs. Championship Semifinals
Allen Pyatte (Fred T. Foard, 44-4) won by fall over Andrew Ferguson (Washington, 44-2) Fall 3:47
Daniel Pearce (Hendersonville, 33-5) won by decision over Kyle Kort (Croatan, 28-13) Dec 5-3

106 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Hayden Caldwell (Wheatmore, 45-11) won by decision over Eli Thomas (Forbush, 38-7) Dec 3-0
Landon Stocks (Ayden-Grifton, 43-8) won by decision over Langston Hoffman (West Lincoln, 19-9) Dec 5-2
Victor Lamberth (West Iredell, 42-8) won in the ultimate tie breaker over Elijah Boyd (Reidsville, 29-12) UTB 6-4
Zack Lewis (R-S Central, 40-8) won by decision over Keagan Bolman (Dixon, 38-13) Dec 4-0

113 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Parker Howell (Bunker Hill, 46-9) won by decision over Noah Roseberry (Central Davidson, 22-11) Dec 7-2
Antonio Cox (Ayden-Grifton, 38-9) won by decision over Carlos Barajas (North Pitt, 38-13) Dec 6-4
Grant Haney (Central Academy, 35-6) won by decision over Aidan Hiotte (West Stanly, 41-8) Dec 3-1
Jacob Wright (Bartlett Yancey, 23-7) won by fall over Aaron Ortega-Perez (Trinity, 18-12) Fall 0:54

120 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Louis Mehaffey (Pisgah, 36-21) won by fall over Scott Marazoff (Northeastern, 27-17) Fall 3:46
Jake Dodson (Central Academy, 33-5) won by major decision over Eric Sanchez (Central Davidson, 30-11) MD 12-2
Victor Monnet (Carrboro, 29-7) won by fall over Alex Nguyen (First Flight, 35-8) Fall 2:31
Jakel Lawrence (Bunn, 29-6) won by major decision over Cayman Carpenter (Bunker Hill, 43-8) MD 10-1

126 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Korbin McNeil (West Stanly, 40-15) won by decision over Andrew Holden (North Lincoln, 32-10) Dec 7-1
Preston Scarborough (Central Academy, 43-6) won by decision over Enrique Ramos (Hibriten, 24-14) Dec 7-1
Devin Gerena (Dixon, 43-13) won by fall over Jayden Kimsey (Newton-Conover, 39-10) Fall 2:46
Avery Roberson (R-S Central, 33-8) won by major decision over Christian Arrowood (Chase, 38-11) MD 15-2

132 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Jahbreeze Medina-Mack (Southwest Onslow, 21-7) won by decision over Timmy Boyd (Salisbury, 41-9) Dec 5-4
Troy Coleman (West Iredell, 37-11) won by decision over Eric Clark (Farmville Central, 38-12) Dec 10-8
Josh Riggs (Fred T. Foard, 37-11) won by major decision over Zeb Patton (Patton, 49-6) MD 12-3
Javiaughn Basnight (Pasquotank County, 41-3) won by major decision over Dalton Miller (Mount Pleasant, 45-7) MD 12-4

138 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Paul Fisher (Bunker Hill, 44-12) won by decision over Colton Sullivan (Croatan, 25-17) Dec 4-2
Nicholas Encarnacion (West Davidson, 39-2) won by decision over Corbin Allen (South Point, 31-13) Dec 8-3
Henry Jennings (Washington, 42-10) won by decision over Ben Nichols (NCSSM, 17-4) Dec 5-2
Nick Kaufmann (Fred T. Foard, 40-4) won by decision over Joey Marker (Dixon, 43-10) Dec 7-0

145 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Cain Steiner (Randleman, 20-5) won by decision over Thomas Taylor (Chase, 43-7) Dec 8-4
Colby Teague (Bandys, 39-6) won by fall over Austin Ingram (West Craven, 33-6) Fall 0:38
Hunter Sforza (West Davidson, 39-3) won by decision over Kalin Mabe (Ledford, 43-9) Dec 3-0
Justin Jolin (Croatan, 33-7) won in sudden victory - 1 over Reid Walker (North Surry, 43-7) SV-1 4-2

160 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Liam Harris (R-S Central, 39-9) won by decision over Che Armstrong (Durham School Of The Arts, 24-10) Dec 12-7
Achee Hoskins (Anson County, 30-5) won by decision over Hunter Lloyd (Fred T. Foard, 25-4) Dec 2-1
Mason Venable (Ledford, 35-18) won by decision over Garrett McManus (Mount Pleasant, 35-16) Dec 4-2
Abraham Vargas-Perez (Lexington, 36-6) won by fall over Tyler Wargo (Richlands, 47-10) Fall 5:00

170 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Ajani Murdaugh-Wright (Carrboro, 26-5) won by decision over Sammy McMillian (North Surry, 29-7) Dec 9-4
Malik Perkins (Farmville Central, 46-1) won by decision over John Pickford (Brevard, 27-9) Dec 4-3
Garrett Icard (Bunker Hill, 38-13) won by decision over Morgan York (Eastern Randolph, 25-7) Dec 6-0
Garrett Overbay (Mount Pleasant, 36-7) won by fall over Graham Mabey (Ledford, 36-11) Fall 3:38

182 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Forrest Antwine (Surry Central, 40-5) won by decision over Gabriel Guess (Bunker Hill, 41-13) Dec 8-7
Pierre Hakizimana (Wheatmore, 24-6) won by fall over Douglas Patino (J.F. Webb, 16-4) Fall 4:11
Jonathan Si Hilton (North Lincoln, 40-3) won by decision over Devin McCorkle (Bandys, 32-13) Dec 3-2
Jacob Jenkins (Chase, 26-8) won by decision over Andrew Edens (Dixon, 34-15) Dec 5-0

220 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Noah Berryman (Mount Pleasant, 26-3) won by decision over Casey Bolick (Bunker Hill, 32-20) Dec 6-5
Jason Wescott (Fred T. Foard, 36-9) won by major decision over Kavon Aytch-Cuttino (Ayden-Grifton, 31-8) MD 13-4
Jacobie Lewis (Carrboro, 24-8) won by fall over Grayson Cannon (East Lincoln, 36-5) Fall 4:31
Devin Daugherty (Wheatmore, 31-13) won by fall over Harley Scronce (West Lincoln, 26-21) Fall 3:54

Class 3A
132 Lbs. Championship Semifinals
Ethan Workman (Central Cabarrus, 36-6) won by decision over Blake Baker (St. Stephens, 57-3) Dec 8-5
Dallas Wilson (Cape Fear, 44-3) won by decision over Ethan King (Northern Guilford, 30-4) Dec 8-3

195 Lbs. Championship Semifinals
Tyrie Houghton (Weddington, 58-0) won by decision over Salvador Gilvaja (St. Stephens, 58-1) Dec 13-6
Braden Homsey (Orange, 36-0) won by major decision over Kaleb Hendren (Hunter Huss, 43-7) MD 13-3

113 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Graham Ormand (St. Stephens, 50-6) won by tech fall over Kyle Cunningham (Gray`s Creek, 33-7) TF-1.5 5:00 (17-2)
Corbin Dion (Enka, 54-3) won by decision over Garrett Johnson (Westover, 23-6) Dec 12-9
Kyle Randall (North Henderson, 32-14) won by decision over Nathan Bray (Topsail, 40-4) Dec 8-2
Clay Beach (Freedom, 50-5) won by decision over Tripp Collins (Piedmont, 47-14) Dec 4-0

138 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Levi Anderson (Orange, 26-5) won by decision over Stephen Baynard (West Henderson, 21-5) Dec 6-4
Nicholas Vasquez (Jacksonville, 34-7) won by decision over Andrew Esterly (Gray`s Creek, 33-7) Dec 4-2
Eddie Brannock (St. Stephens, 44-6) won by forfeit over Nik Lord (Southwest Guilford, 19-3) For.
Nathan Buchanan (Central Cabarrus, 40-5) won by decision over Brandon Reisen (West Brunswick, 28-8) Dec 3-1

160 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Kameron Miller (Forestview, 42-3) won by decision over Sam Cox (Monroe, 38-14) Dec 8-3
Lincoln Smith (West Brunswick, 39-8) won by fall over Tyree King (McMichael, 25-3) Fall 0:54
Ivan Vergel (St. Stephens, 53-8) won by decision over Tyler Horton (Morehead, 35-10) Dec 7-4
Joshoua King (Northern Guilford, 25-3) won by decision over Avery Jenkins (Orange, 29-9) Dec 2-0

182 Lbs. Consolation Quarterfinals
Ruther Oxce (Southwest Guilford, 38-6) won by tech fall over Chanden Morgan (Kings Mountain, 51-8) TF-1.5 5:00 (20-5)
Ben Austin (Piedmont, 35-13) won by major decision over Isaiah Proctor (Fike, 34-11) MD 12-4
Noah LaValle (Topsail, 36-4) won by fall over Zatay Lindensy (Southern Durham, 23-14) Fall 1:34
Dakota Metcalf (St. Stephens, 54-6) won by fall over Bryan Aragao (North Brunswick, 19-8) Fall 0:20