Newton appreciates Christmas crew

Staff Writer

On Friday, Newton’s Appearance Committee recognized the service of some dedicated city employees.

Committee members provided a special “thank you” lunch for those workers and shared what they mean to Newton. The big idea was to acknowledge all the hard work that goes into helping make Newton more beautiful.

Several workers from both the Newton Recreation Department and Public Works and Utilities Departments come out yearly to light up the city for Christmas.

Newton’s Parks & Recreation Director, Sandra Waters, said that her department uses nine workers in conjunction with the public works workers.

“It’s a joint effort between the two departments to get the job done,” she said. “Both divisions have to work together to make the lights happen.”

Even though the decorations only come once a year, it’s a time-consuming job. Both sets of workers work long and tiring days decorating. Even then, they may be called back in if something isn’t right.

Ed Sain, member of the Newton Appearance Committee, shared the process. He said it’s not as simple as just stringing up lights and hanging candy canes.

“They spend several days putting up the Christmas decorations,” Sain said. “Not only do they put the decorations up, but they also have to test the lights and fix any that aren’t working.”

He feels that it’s only right to thank the men and women for their efforts.

“We do this every year,” Sain said. “It’s our way of saying we appreciate them.”

David Hayes, owner of The Holly & Ivy Inn, is also a member of Newton’s Appearance Committee. Like Sain, he truly appreciates the hard work and effort that the city workers contribute.

“We get service that no other place is getting,” he said. “We appreciate everything.”