Newton boarding house damaged by fire

Cindy Hull
Staff Writer

A structure fire was reported just before 8 am Monday morning at the boarding house on South College Avenue. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found smoke coming from a second-floor bedroom. The firefighters made entry, searched and evacuated all occupants. Newton Fire Chief Kevin Yoder said “the smoke detectors did activate, and alerted the residents of the fire allowing time for the occupants to get out”.

Yoder says, “America Red Cross was contacted to help place the 23 residences”. He also added “there was a considerable amount of smoke damage throughout the upper floor of the house, including fire and water damage to the bedroom where the fire started”.

America Red Cross Regional Communications Director Carolina Fountain said “Red Cross has caseworkers working with each client from the residence to see how they can assist them.” American Red Cross provided meals today and was working closely with each one to provide the assistance needed. Fountain said, “We are making sure each resident has a safe place to stay tonight and going forward.”