Parson honored for 50 years of service

Cindy Hull
Staff Writer

Renwood Mills held a luncheon in the lower level at Newton Recreation Center on Friday. The luncheon was in honor of a long time employee. William “Noonie” Parson was employed by Midstate Mills on July 28, 1969. Even when the company changed to Renwood Mills, Noonie continued to work. For fifty years, he has been a model employee, humble, and does his job well. Vice President of Operations, Thad Sitterson said, “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to shake the mans hand, who spent fifty years at the same job, and we appreciate you”.

Noonie was surprised by celebration and thankful for the item he was presented. He now has a new pair of coveralls specialty monogrammed with William Parson Noonie 50 years of service and a matching coat. A new set of shirts with Noonie 50 years. He has earned a parking spot in a prime location at Renwood Mills. Sitterson joking added, “The sign for the parking spot was designed to last fifty years so that you can continue to work fifty more”.

The break room has been named after Noonie, and he was given an extra week vacation. The extra week of vacation will be spent deep sea fishing with travel expenses paid. Sitterson says “Anyone that is employed by Renwood Mills for fifty years will be given the same treatment”,“I’m honored and humbled by the opportunity to thank you”.

When Noonie was asked if he wanted to say anything, he said” I enjoyed all of it”