Piece by Peace: Open in Conover

Staff Writer

There’s a new children’s consignment store in downtown Conover.

“Piece by Peace” is open and Missy Roderick, owner, wants everyone to come out and see what her store has to offer.

The store offers children’s, juniors, and women’s clothing, toys, shoes, baby items, sports equipment, and so much more.

Roderick prides herself in taking well-cared-for items from smoke-free homes.

The idea came from way back in 2002.

“My kids grew up in Gymboree,” she said. “I would sell it for almost the same price I bought it for afterwards.”

In 2017, Roderick opened her first Piece by Peace store.

She thought making a store would be the way to go and chose a place off Conover Blvd.

“It was too small before we stepped in the door,” Roderick joked.

Now, she has two floors for selling her stuff and says she doesn’t have an issue with having enough merchandise.

When asked what sets Roderick’s store apart from the other consignment stores, she says it’s the way she cares

“We are really really friendly and down- to- earth,” she said. “We’re family-oriented, we go one step more.”

Roderick is thankful to have Erika Boston helping her.

“It wouldn’t be what it is today without my sister-in-law helping me,” she said.

Along with the family environment, Roderick also says her store is cheaper than other places.

“We offer many name-brand items,” she said. “I think we give more quality for a better price.”

Roderick, a Disney enthusiast, has visited the theme park 19 times. She carries a lot of Disney merchandise.

“I’m a “Disney-holic,” she said. “I’ve been collecting Disney since my 31-year- old was little.”

She has tons of souvenirs from all her visits filling up her home.

Recently, her children told her that when she dies, they don’t want any of it. So, she’s now selling it.

“I sell a lot of my other personal stuff here too,” she said. “You never know what you’ll find here.”

Often, she has fill-a-bag full days where customers can fill a bag full of items for five dollars.

Roderick also has doorbuster sales at least three times a week, has “Mommy Mondays,” “Women’s Wednesdays,” and many other special sales.

Roderick says that when you come to her store, she’ll go the extra mile for you.

If there’s something a customer wants, she will dig through piles to find it.

“Just ask me, I guarantee I’ll find it,” she said.

Roderick just wants to help people find what they’re looking for and make them feel welcome.

“You’re a name, not just a number,” she said. “Shop small and we’ll treat you like family.”

Missy Roderick invites everyone to look her up on her Facebook page, share, and like.
Piece by Peace is located at 124 1st Street W in Conover.
For more information, call Piece by Peace at 401-692-0203
Piece by Peace is open Monday-Saturday from 11-6 p.m.