PK leaves WNNC after 27 years

Cindy Hull
Staff Writer

Paul Kayanek, better known as PK from the Wacky Wake Up Crew, said good bye on Friday.

Paul, originally from Owosso Michigan came to work with Dave Lingafelt in September 1992. He went through the National Broadcast Talent Coordinators agency. Employers and employees each sign up for the program. Back then, you recorded on a cassette tape and sent it to the potential employer to listen to. If the employer liked the recording and thought you could be a good fit with the station, the agency put the two of you in touch.

Paul was living in Texas when Lingerfelt first contacted him. Lingerfelt spoke on the phone to Paul before having him come to WNNC to try out. He began by doing a recorded feature on the Wake Up Crew show and went to live radio in 2006. Now, after 27 years, he says “it’s time to take a break”. PK is not planning on getting another job. He will be getting married in August.

Paul may want to do something else in the future so he will be staying in contact with his friends at the station. “I wore the shirt I was given on my first day at WNNC on my last day here”.

Lingerfelt said “PK has been one of the primary reasons that we’ve been successful over the past 27 years. It’s incredible the number of hats he has worn during his 27 year radio career with us”. Lingerfelt added “We’ve been very fortunate that he decided to stay with our radio stations, he certainly had the talent to move to a larger markets if he had wanted to”.

Lingerfelt knows that “in the radio business, air personalities tend to move around a lot so we know how lucky we been to have Paul and his expertise with our stations all these years. He’s watched and helped us grow from one station to three over the years. He is gonna be missed by our radio family and by the many listeners that have listened to him over the years”.