Police: Mother, son arrested on drug charges

Staff Writer

Newton Police assisting on a call made an arrest for drugs and possession of a firearm by a felon, according to a press release.
On Monday just before 2 p.m. Newton Police Department responded to a mutual aid request from the North Carolina Department of Community Corrections, Probation and Parole. Newton officers responded to 404 S. Ashe Ave. in Newton, where probation officers were conducting a home visit of probationer Victor Contrell Stewart, age 23.
During their visit, probation officers noticed a bag of marijuana on a table in the living room of the apartment and smelled a strong odor of fresh marijuana, according to the press release. The renter of the apartment, Melissa Ann Pounds, 37, mother of Stewart, was present and gave consent for officers to search the apartment. After the search began Pounds revoked her consent to search. Officers immediately stopped searching and secured the apartment until a search warrant could be obtained.
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