Roc’n Oven celebrates five year anniversary

Staff Writer

Roc'n Oven, a restaurant located at 902 Conover Blvd E.Conover (near the YMCA) is celebrating five years of success. The O-N-E sat down with the owner, Kevin Baier, and found out exactly what has made Roc'n Oven the winner that it is. We actually found out what Kevin and wife Jennifer Baier have done to make this Pizza experience one you will not forget. and one that will keep you coming back for more - more subs, more pizza, and definitely more wings.

Roc'n Oven's Kevin Baier has been in the restaurant business since he was a teenager, following in his brothers footsteps. Living in Michigan, Kevin worked in restaurants starting from the ground up. He and his wife Jennifer, who is a native of Highpoint NC, moved to Catawba County 25 years ago, where he began managed Giovanni’s in Bethlehem, from 1994 until 2004. Sometime after that, Kevin decided to go out on his own opening Roc'n Oven, a family owned, family operated and family oriented restaurant. They even have a arcade for the kids, Monday through Saturday11am until10 pm, you can eat the best pizza, the best wings, and the best buffet in town. How do I know this? There are wall to wall awards for the best of everything Roc'n Oven has to offer from 2017and 2018. As a frequent visitor, I can honestly tell you, I have to agree.

We asked Baier what makes the service he provides so special. Besides the fact there are employees at Roc'n Oven that Kevin have worked with for 15 years or more, Kevin also told us “Interaction with customers is extremely important. It constantly allows growth and it gives us ideas on new ways to improve.”
Owning his own business instead of working for a franchise, allows them to be creative and continuously evolve.

The O-N-E would like to congratulate Kevin and Jennifer Baier, and the phenomenal staff at Roc'n Oven for being a five year favorite!