Salvation Army of Greater Hickory keeps giving back

Staff Writer

The Salvation Army of Greater Hickory recently awarded the Newton-Conover Rotary Club with two awards.

The first award was the “Red Shield” award which went to Dan and Paula Timmerman.

Captain Timothy D. Delaney, with the Hickory branch, said the award goes to those who give up their time, efforts, gifts, and talents to meet the mission of the Salvation Army.

“They’ve been helping for a long time,” Delaney said.

The second award presented was to the Newton-Conover Rotary itself.

“The Newton- Conover Rotary Club is the biggest supporter of the Salvation Army,” Delaney said. “Each year they raise the most money by ringing the bell.”

The money that’s collected goes to The Shelter of Hope, the men’s transitional program, and to many more programs.

“All locally raised funds stay locally,” Delaney said.

Through giving, the homeless shelter’s bed capacity has increased from 84 beds to 90.

“We continue to get people off the streets,” Delaney said. “Especially women and children.”

He’s hopeful about the transitional program for convicted felons released from prison. The Salvation Army partners with the local prison system to help them get jobs and save money.

“We want to get them into life as a productive citizen as soon as possible,” Delaney shared. “Eighty percent of them are moving in a positive direction by getting jobs and apartments.”

He is excited for these programs and up and coming programs, and he truly believes in the agency.

Having been involved with The Salvation Army for 14 years now, Delaney says that doing what he does is a calling.

He enjoys pastoring The Salvation Army Church.

“It’s an extension of the love we have for Jesus,” Delaney said.

He wants to encourage every church, club, organization, and individual to volunteer in some way.

“I encourage everyone to visit the local charities and continue to give,” Delaney said. “This community is very loving and giving.”

He’s hoping that more people with give, because it’s difficult when many organizations are all competing for same dollars.

“I want to invite people to come visit our facilities, “ Delaney said. “Once they see these things in action, they’re sold on it.”