Second credit card skimmer found on gas pumps in Maiden

Staff Writer

O-N-E Reports
A second set of credit card skimmers was found at a Maiden gas station over the weekend, according to a press release from the Maiden Police Department.
On Sunday, April 22, Maiden Police Officers were notified that two credit card “Skimmer” devices had been located inside gas pumps at the Circle K convenience store located at 1200 East Main St in Maiden. This is second time in the past month that “Skimmer” devices have been found in these gas pumps.
A credit card “Skimmer” is a device that is used to capture credit card / debit card information for an unauthorized third party. There are several kinds of “Skimmer” devices in use. The device found in this case had been attached inside two of the gas pumps.
The device was not visible from the exterior and the pump was operating normally.
Maiden Police investigators responded after an employee at the Circle K found the “skimmer” devices during a check of the gas pumps. The gas pumps were taken out of service until the devices were removed.
Anyone who used the gas pump card readers at the store between Tuesday April 17-22 is encouraged to examine their bank and/orcredit card records for unauthorized charges.
Maiden Police are investigating these incidents and request any individuals who have used these gas pumps and then discovered unauthorized charges on your credit or debit card to please contact the Maiden Police Department at 828-428-5005