Sig’s Tire celebrates sixty years of business

Lindsay Robins
Staff Writer

Sig’s Tire Center in Conover has been serving Catawba County since 1969 and celebrated sixty years in business this past weekend.

Sig’s Tire is a family-owned and operated business that provides auto repair and tire service. They specialize in passenger tires, performance tires, light truck tires, large truck tires, and tractor tires. With three locations in Hickory, Newton, and Conover, the Sigmon family thrives on providing community-minded customer service.

Community is exactly what Wilson Sigmon, who is fondly known as Sig by everyone around him, had in mind when he decided to host a sixtieth-anniversary celebration. The celebration was a two-day customer appreciation extravaganza, designed to thank their customers for being in business with them for the past sixty years. The celebration included special rebates and tire prices, chances to win prizes, free food and drinks, a display of classic cars, trucks, and tractors, and a car crush event with monster truck, Bigfoot.

“This is saying thank you to our customers and giving them a little bit of entertainment for what they’ve done for us over the years,” Sig shared as he waved and shook hands with people in the crowd. “It’s a two-day event. We’ve had cars and trucks and Bigfoot on display. We topped it off with the car crush. It’s been quite a weekend, quite a milestone for me. Sixty years, that’s a long time to be in business.”

Sig’s commitment to the community is evident in how many people he knows out of the hundreds of attendees, calling them by name and making sure to spend a few moments with each one. He takes in the crowd, the sounds of laughter and people enjoying themselves, and his well-known grin spreads across his face.

Sig’s family was on hand to help customers with tire specials and to enjoy the festivities. They traveled in from across the state and some even traveling in from as far away as Florida and Texas, including four very proud nieces that “couldn’t imagine being anywhere else this weekend”. Family members were easy to pick out of the crowd. They were all wearing the event’s signature bright orange sixtieth anniversary Sig’s Tire t-shirt. Sig was just as pleased with having his family gathered together as he was seeing all his customers enjoying themselves.

“We try very hard to take care of our customers and our belief is we treat them like we would want to be treated ourselves,” Sig added. “That’s been our whole thing over all these years. We’re going to be continuing on through the end of the month. We’re having some special rebates that have been given to us from Bridgestone, Firestone, and also Cooper Tire. Anybody that’s in need of tires, come on by.”

With a crowd close to 1,000 in attendance, it was a loud day at Sig’s Tire on Saturday. Until the monster truck, Bigfoot, revved up to start the car crush and then it became deafening. The crowd loved every second of Bigfoot’s jumps and trick moves, and they cheered every time one of Bigfoot’s tires came down on the cars that were little more than rubble by the end of the event or when Bigfoot would emerge from the cloud of dust it had stirred up while tearing through the field. Sig knew Bigfoot would be well received from past experience.

“We did this eight years ago and it was a big hit. We wanted to do something special with this being the sixtieth year so we contacted Bigfoot. This is actually the same driver we had out here eight years ago. He’s out of Missouri and when he found out we had requested he come back here, he was tickled to death.”

The feeling was mutual between the crowd, Sig, and Bigfoot. When the exhibition was over the crowd rushed onto the field to get a close up look at the monster truck and the destruction of the cars, including Sig standing in the middle of the excitement in his bright-orange, celebration shirt with that big smile on his face.