South Fork 2A Volleyball All-Conference Awards

Bandys sophomore Mya Benfield (12). (O-N-E file photo by Michelle Thompson)Maiden junior Savannah Lail (2). (O-N-E file photo by Brian Hendrix)Maiden senior Lainee Hentschel (30). (O-N-E file photo by Brian Hendrix)Maiden senior Anna White (18) vs Bandys junior Logan Dutka (9) on December 10, 2020. (O-N-E file photo by Michelle Thompson)Newton-Conover sophomore Cassidy Geddes (8). (O-N-E file photo by Brian Hendrix)
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Bandys (2)

Mya Benfield

Alexis Bolding

East Lincoln (4)

Kaylee Spees

Jordan Gromlich

Katie Cook

Peyton Crates

Lincolnton (1)

Naomi Concepcion

LKN Charter (2)

Abby Hunt

Makayla Adelman

Maiden (3)

Lainee Hentschel

Savannah Lail

Anna White

Newton-Conover (1)

Cassidy Geddes

North Lincoln (1)

Meghan Mowery

West Lincoln (1)

Morgan Chapman

Player of the Year- Kaylee Spees of East Lincoln

Coach of the Year- Stacy Possert of East Lincoln