Thanking our veterans

Staff Writer

American Legion Post 16 Commander Ron Harris welcomed veterans, their family and friends, and others to the memorial service on Thursday.

He told the crowd that the service was dedicated to Sylvia Ray, due to her many years helping Post 16 with getting their program together.

State Commander, James Moore, was the featured speaker.

He took the position of state commander on June 8, 2019.

Moore said it’s important to continue the Soldiers Reunion because it remembers each soldier.

“It’s celebrating the soldiers,” he said.

Moore also said that in battle it doesn’t matter about differences, such as a red state or a blue state.

“Differences don’t matter while facing a machine gun or charging a beach,” he said. “United they stood. United they sacrificed.”

Mayor Anne Jordan also spoke about the importance of honoring soldiers and veterans.

“Newton is the definition of small-town America,” she said. “We enjoy our way of life here.”

Jordan went on to thank the countless soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

“We are here to honor our beloved war heroes,” she said. “They were true patriots who believed in family values and traditions. We owe them a great debt.”

Jordan said we can continue to repay the debt by remembering.

Veteran Sherrill Baxter served in the Marines from 1966 until 1969.

He thinks that a lot of good is going on to help veterans, but there is more to be done. Baxter believes that one major way to show veterans appreciation is by continuing the Soldiers Reunion.

“We should never ever let this parade go down,” he said. “We need to keep this alive every year.”