Town of Maiden can be likened to visiting an art gallery

Lindsay Robins
Staff Writer

With multiple murals gracing the walls of small businesses, and ever-changing displays at the charming gazebo in the center of town, driving through the Town of Maiden can be likened to visiting an art gallery. Over the past week, the collaborative work of several groups culminated in the newest addition to this gallery, transforming an electrical box into a delightful piece of public art.

“Keep Catawba County Beautiful (KCCB) is proud to partner with the Town of Maiden, Red Leaf Artist Collective, Cotton Wood Artistry, and ASR Graphics Inc. to bring this unique beautification project to the Maiden community”, shared Amanda Kain, Executive Director of KCCB. “This project is the first of its kind in Catawba County and it looks fantastic!”

The artwork, depicting a family dog relaxing on the front porch while a pie cools in the window, is reminiscent of the summer afternoon joys of small town living. Sarah Whitener, of Cotton Wood Artistry, designed and painted the artwork.

“Growing up in this area, and having a passion for local culture, it’s fun to get to see something that you created personally adding to a town’s culture.” Whitener added, “It’s a real privilege to get to be a part of this project.”

Aaron Rufty, of ASR Graphics Inc., created a vinyl wrap of the artwork and installed it on an electrical box with the help of his team.

“You can design and photoshop all day long to do something like this, that’s not a big deal. It took a little bit to figure out how to get her painting to a computer and then get it to wrap around an object”, explained Rufty. “We had to reconfigure what she sent us, get the panels laid out, and then printed”.

Once the wrap of Whitener’s artwork was printed, Rufty spent an entire evening installing the panels on the electrical box, working by spotlight into the middle of the night. Including a few touch ups and cooperating weather, the installation is now complete and ready for the public to enjoy. The electrical box artwork can be found at the center of town near the gazebo.

This installation is a continuation of beautification projects KCCB is doing across the county.  

“It is our hope that we can continue to partner with the municipalities and create many more beautification projects throughout Catawba County”, stated Kain.

For more information on Keep Catawba County Beautiful, contact Amanda Kain at 828-465-8217.

For more information on Cotton Wood Artistry, please visit

For more information on ASR Graphics Inc., please call 828-428-0029.