Twin City Insurance Agency moving

Staff Writer

“We care about you as a person, we care about your business and we love what we do.” Jason Chapman, Owner and Vice President of Twin City Insurance agency said.
This is considered the three-pronged promise of Twin City Insurance Agency.

Starting in 1946 Twin City has been a beacon of insurance in Newton and surrounding areas.

“My father, Emmett Herman, and mother, Evelyn Herman, got back from WWII and tried to figure out what they wanted to do for work,” Owner and President of Twin City Insurance agency, Lesa Williams said. “He went to Lenoir-Rhyne University and decided to get a degree in business.”

After completing his degree at LR Emmett Herman decided to try out selling insurance.

“He decided to try selling insurance and actually started selling it out of the back of his car,” Williams said.

Herman and his wife purchased the current building, on South College Ave., in 1964 after expanding the business beyond just himself. The building had previously been a service station and Herman completely renovated the building. After 55 years in the current building, it is once again time to move on to something bigger.

“We want to expand our business and we have simply run out of space,” Chapman said. “We need something bigger than what we are in right now and want to expand our parking.”

Both Williams and Chapman immediately said how they wanted the business to stay in downtown Newton because of the love of the city as well as the love for the people.
“We thought about trying to renovate our current building, but we would have to leave for nine months,” Williams said. “And our first thought was ‘what would we do with 12 people for nine months.’ and we decided to look at local buildings for sale.”

Twin City Insurance has recently purchased the building that was recently Capital Bank or the old Bank of Granite.

“This building is bigger which allows us to expand,” Chapman said.

The current home of Twin City is 3,792 square feet which have become too small for the growing business. The next building is 4,135 square feet which are 343 square feet bigger. The biggest piece missing from the current building is the conference room.

“We need the bigger space for our conference room which we desperately need,” Chapman said. “We have to meet with clients or our fellow employees about different things and we need a new space for this.”

The biggest edition of the new building will bring will be the expanded parking lot which will allow for more parking than ever before.

“The extra parking will be awesome,” Williams said. “We also have the opportunity to expand the building into the parking lot if we need to expand again.”

Chapman was quick to mention that this would be the home of Twin City for years to come and they would not be moving anytime soon.

“Getting approval to buy this building was difficult because of different things that kept happening which slowed down the process,” Chapman said. “However, we got it done and they just finished gutting the place March 25.”

“We want to serve the community and we want to build a relationship with its people,” Williams said. “With this new building, we will be able to reach and help more people than ever before. That is our goal here.”

The new building is sure to be a benchmark for the company and expand the business beyond what Twin City could achieve in its current building.

“We care about you as a person, care about your business and we love what we do,” Chapman said. “We love our community and helping everyone to the best of our ability. We feel this expansion will help with our mission.”